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Early Ears Training Workshops in Nurseries

If you want to add some fresh content to your nursery curriculum that will be loved by children and appreciated by parents, why not try Piece of Music workshops?

Piece of Music offers monthly music workshops for nurseries and pre-schools. In our colourful, lively lessons, through fun and engaging activities, children discover and learn about music. They learn songs we've composed, listen to and interact with classical music, improve their sense of rhythm, and train their musical ear through games and activities. Each workshop has a unique theme to keep the content interesting and engaging. 

What happens in our workshops?
  • We introduce kids to famous classical composers. Each workshop highlights a different composer with a short story about their life, accompanied by a musician playing an instrument.

  • We teach kids songs that we've composed. Our songs are fun, but carry educational values at the same time, allowing children to increase their vocabulary.

  • We familiarise children with basic musical concepts such as loud - quiet, high - low, using a series of fun physical activities accompanied by live music.

  • We help children train their pulse and rhythm skills.

Children group music class.jpeg

What makes our classes different is the use of a real instrument,
combined with classical music and learning through movement.

We are professionally trained and have obtained our MAs in Music Performance at some of the best schools in Europe - the University of Music in Warsaw and Royal Conservatoire in Brussels. 


We write our own songs and invent games and exercises to best suit the needs of our little students. We do it based on our experience as teachers and by observing the unique group dynamics in each of our classes.


In our classes, we combine body movement and singing to teach the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm. It's a great way for children to naturally assimilate those elements in an easy and relaxed way.


We have created our programme as amongst the children we teach we’ve seen a great difference between those who followed a solid music foundation programme in their early years and those who didn’t. 

Skills and benefits:


  • Development of motor, sensory and cognitive skills

  • Increased attention and focus - ability to memorise and recall

  • Ability to detect patterns, nuances, and timbre in sounds, a critical skill for music and language development

  • Learning how to interpret and decode symbols (skills necessary for match, reading, etc)


We offer music workshops for children age 2 to 4 - packed full with dynamic musical activities, perfectly suited to the attention span of the young child. 


If you’d like to book a workshop or learn more about our programme, please send us a message at or contact 07491 764497.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your nursery learning goals! 

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