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Early Ears Training School Club

What is Early Ears Training?

Early Ears Training School Club is a music Foundation Course for Reception and Year 1 children. In the course, children learn the basic ideas of music through a series of fun physical activities accompanied by a real keyboard instrument. 


Early Ears Training helps kids get better at listening to music, improving their sense of pulse and singing skills. They learn new songs and improve their rhythm and coordination by playing a variety of percussive instruments. Additionally, they get familiar with the most famous composers and their works in a really fun way. 


Most importantly, the kids have a great time! They begin to develop a love for music, gain confidence, learn social skills, and look forward to both performing and learning more about music.

How to Apply?

To apply, please fill in the form below, or send an e-mail to with School Club in the subject line.

School Club Registration

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