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Piece of Music is an independent music school based in London.

We offer fun and inspiring instrument lessons and musicianship classes for children. 

Private Instrument Lessons

Our individual instrument classes are perfect for children from 6 year old (tuition for younger children is possible after an initial assessment).


Lessons are available for a range of instruments including voice, piano, guitar, violin and cello. Our trained teachers offer one to one private lessons conveniently at your location. 

Hands of a child on a piano, during a piano lesson in London

Children's Group Music Classes

Music classes for kids in London

Piece of Music Group Classes is an innovative Musicianship method for children aged 3 to 5 years old. It allows them to get acquainted with music and basic elements of music theory in a fun and engaging way. From rhythm training and body percussion to singing high and low, in our group classes children will improve their musical skills through playful activities. 

Our programme is a perfect first step into the music world, allowing children to gain skills necessary for their later instrumental tuition.



Thursday from 4:00

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Our Story

Piece of Music was founded by Magdalena Szuplak and Aleksandra Pykacz. After years of studying and teaching, we met in London and decided to share our passion for music education creating Piece of Music programme. 

  • We believe learning music should be fun, inspiring and intuitive and it is our job to make students excited and to want to learn more.

  • We believe learning music is a very valuable and necessary part of an individual's educational experience. 

  • We believe learning music at an early age is crucial and important - it improves a child’s approach to learning, their literacy, numeracy, communication, organisation and problem-solving.

  • We believe learning music creates creative minds.

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