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Our Story

Piece of Music was founded by Magdalena Szuplak and Aleksandra Pykacz. After years of studying and teaching, we met in London and decided to share our passion for music education creating Piece of Music programme. 

  • We believe learning music should be fun, inspiring and intuitive and it is our job to make students excited and to want to learn more.

  • We believe learning music is a very valuable and necessary part of an individual's educational experience. 

  • We believe learning music at an early age is crucial and important - it improves a child’s approach to learning, their literacy, numeracy, communication, organisation and problem-solving.

  • We believe learning music creates creative minds.

We are professionally trained and have obtained our MAs in Music Performance at some of the best schools in Europe - the University of Music in Warsaw and Royal Conservatoire in Brussels. 


We write our own songs and invent games and exercises to best suit the needs of our little students. We do it based on our experience as teachers and by observing the unique group dynamics in each of our classes.


In our classes, we combine body movement and singing to teach the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm. It's a great way for children to naturally assimilate those elements in an easy and relaxed way.


About Us


Magdalena Szuplak

Magdalena is a professional singer, songwriter, music teacher and tutor. She has a BE in Artistic Education in the field of Music Arts and Drama and a degree in Classical Vocal Performance, which included extensive studies in both vocal pedagogy and piano pedagogy. She has studied with singers such as Dariusz Grabowski, Jagna Sokorsk-Kwika, Aleksandra Chacińska, Renate Weninger.


Magdalena has taught private voice and piano lessons for over 13 years to both children and adults. She has 6 years of experience in teaching music to pre-school children.

Aleksandra Pykacz

Cellist and music teacher, Aleksandra studied at Royal Conservatoire in Brussels where she obtained her MA in Music Performance in 2015. She has performed in numerous countries as a soloist and in various chamber music groups. At the First Teheran Contemporary Music Festival in 2016, she performed a world premiere of a Hooshyar Khayam Cello Concerto with Nilper Orchestra conducted by Navid Gohari.

Aleksandra has taught cello and piano to kids and adults for over 7 years in 1 to 1 and group settings.


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