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Meet the Viola at Piece of Music Children Music Classes

Next week we will have a very special guest in our music classes - a viola. What's a viola? Here are some interesting facts:

  1. The viola is a stringed instrument that looks like a bigger violin. It's similar in size and shape but has a lower and deeper sound. The viola is typically tuned to the pitches C3, G3, D4, and A4, which are the same pitches as the cello but one octave lower. So viola looks like violin, but it's tuned like a cello! How confusing.

  2. It is played with a bow, and is held under the chin or against the shoulder, like the violin.

  3. It is usually played in orchestras, chamber music groups, and as a solo instrument.

  4. Viola is considered a very hard instrument to learn and amongst string players is a source of many jokes. Completely unjustified, since viola has a beautiful sound and it plays a very important part in every orchestra.

Have a listen to this wonderful recording of J. S. Bach Chromatic Fantasy, performed by Max Baillie. It's a fantastic example of how magnificent a well-played viola can sound.

We can't wait to introduce this beautiful instrument to our little musicians at Piece of Music next week! If you'd like to book our classes, you can do it here.

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