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Group Music Classes

Children's Music Classes

We offer a pre-instrumental group music programme for kids to build their musical foundation and prepare them for future music study. The Early Ears Training (EET) is a perfect introduction to music world for children 3-5 years old.

In our children music classes, kids learn about music without a hassle of practice, and in the way children like to learn the most - through movement and play!

By the end of our program, children will gain musicality skills equivalent to Key Stage 2.

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How will your child benefit from our classes?

Vocabulary Skills

In our classes children learn loads of new songs, composed with their vocabulary skills in mind

Listening Skills

Listening skills are a stepping stone of music and communication - and our classes will help your child develop it

Numeracy Skills

We do a lot of games involving counting - rhythm, pulse and body percussion exercises

Social Skills

Through group music classes children learn to work on their social skills and work with each other


Through learning new songs and expressions, children increase their memory skills

Motor Skills

Our fun movement activities, dances and instruments help your child develop motor skills and coordination

Early Ears Training

Early Ears Training (EET) a programme for 3 to 5 years old children, designed to teach them about music through movement and play.

Kids will learn about musical concepts such as piano and forte, through a series of engaging physical activities accompanied by a real keyboard instrument.


They will learn new songs and improve their rhythm and coordination by playing dozens of percussive instruments.

Each class is 40 minutes, packed full of dynamic musical activities, perfectly suited to the attention span of the young child. 

EaryEars Tainng

Why Us?

What makes our classes different is the use of the piano and classical music, combined with learning through movement. While playing excerpts from well-known classical pieces on a real keyboard instrument, we encourage children to engage in a series of fun movement exercises that help them improve their listening skills, coordination, and awareness of the main musical elements such as pitch, tempo, and dynamics.  Each class includes singing, dancing, chanting, and playing instruments in an informal setting that will enrich your kiddo’s love of all-things music. Each class is an active music-making experience featuring singing, body percussion, drum exercises, rhythm chants and many movement activities. Our program is designed to teach the way children learn: through play with the grown-ups they love.

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Thursday from 4:00

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